Canadian Association for the Club of Rome

President: Madeleine D. Aubrey

329 Fifth Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S2N6

Tel: + 1 613 232 4032


The Club of Rome has supporters in many countries. In some countries, these supporters have decided to create a National Association or Chapter to promote debates and activities related to the global agenda of the Club of Rome in local, regional or national contexts.

National Associations are separate legal entities. Consequently, they are independent bodies and as such not part of the international Club of Rome, which are neither managed nor supervised as subsidiaries of the Club of Rome. The Club however welcomes their activities and commitment to common goals.

Under the new Co-Presidency established at the 50th Anniversary of the Club, the relationship between the Club of Rome International and the National Associations is under revision to make them stronger as part of an overall strategy to expand the outreach of the Club and make it more effective as a network of networks promoting at global scale the shift towards a sustainable world.